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Squash/Pumpkin Seeds

Last year, in addition to the usual butternut and acorn squashes that decorated our fall menu, I developed an obsession with a smaller squash with magical properties! It’s called Delicata- small, easy to clean, (comparatively) easy to cut, and completely … Continue reading

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Carrot Tahini Dressing- Neon Orange!!

Mages love surprises! One time, while heating up a nice slice of toast, I ended up casting a spell that summoned a fire elemental! Not only was I able to make many delicious slices of toast, but I was also … Continue reading

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Quick Conjurations! Lemichurri!

My skill at plant magic only goes as far as cooking them. Trying to create them from dirt, water, and magical energy has always been an unmitigated disaster. Even my most carefully-guided apothecary garden attempts ended, as most of my … Continue reading

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Brownie Dip

One of the things that differentiates a food mage from an enthusiastic cook is the ability to transform very dull ingredients into spectacular ones! Creating things that outwardly seem indulgent, but are actually either outright healthy… or at the very least … Continue reading

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So, the time of year has come when mage’s robes are the most cumbersome, and days go by where I can’t seem to cool off, no matter how many walls of ice I cast. Running the oven would only make … Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Carrots and Chickpeas

I’m particularly proud of a bit of magic I was able to do this past week. Over the weekend I had gone on a broomstick tour, which was definitely fun, but put me behind on household errands and chores. I … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Quinoa Porridge

Weekends are magical in their own right. Without the responsibilities of work or studies, they have a much more relaxed pace. Weekday mornings, I rely heavily on the pre-programmed setting on my coffee pot and eat overnight oatmeal that I … Continue reading

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