Squash/Pumpkin Seeds

Last year, in addition to the usual butternut and acorn squashes that decorated our fall menu, I developed an obsession with a smaller squash with magical properties! It’s called Delicata- small, easy to clean, (comparatively) easy to cut, and completely delicious. You don’t even have to peel them! Unsurprisingly, when I saw them starting to show up at my local grocery stores, I promptly purchased all of them. Squash is my favorite sign of fall! In addition to roasted delicata sides, I’ve been enjoying butternut squash soup, and even finished my first batch of pumpkin puree, which my dog is SUPER excited about. Continue reading

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Quick Conjurations! Maple-Chipotle Squash!

So, your golem backed up the toilet again, your owl wants to be let out, and you still have paperwork to incinerate today. That there’s food on the table at all is a minor miracle, but you have a tiny doubt- will I have enough food to fill the growling stomachs of all my imps? Were you planning on taking a brown bag lunch to the Arcane University tomorrow and you need leftovers? The best laid plans and whatnot… Continue reading

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An Ode to Good Leftover Containers

Oh, storage containers…
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Continue reading

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Carrot Tahini Dressing- Neon Orange!!

Mages love surprises! One time, while heating up a nice slice of toast, I ended up casting a spell that summoned a fire elemental! Not only was I able to make many delicious slices of toast, but I was also able to burn my enemies to a crisp! Continue reading

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Quick Conjurations! Lemichurri!

My skill at plant magic only goes as far as cooking them. Trying to create them from dirt, water, and magical energy has always been an unmitigated disaster. Even my most carefully-guided apothecary garden attempts ended, as most of my failures do, with a lot of fire and swearing.   Continue reading

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Cheezy Quinoa and Veg

The annals of the Librarium Arcanum are full of stories about a strange form of magic called a roux. Prior to specialization in plant magic, I had tried to make such a thing several times with various animal drippings, and each time ended with a giant mess of burned stuff in the bottom of a pan. Continue reading

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Brownie Dip

One of the things that differentiates a food mage from an enthusiastic cook is the ability to transform very dull ingredients into spectacular ones! Creating things that outwardly seem indulgent, but are actually either outright healthy… or at the very least significantly less bad than the rich alternatives! Continue reading

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Lentil-Barley Vegetable Soup

Some people think any female practitioner of magic is called a witch.  I am a mage, not a witch, though- to clarify- there’s nothing wrong with being a witch! In fact, several of my dearest friends are witches. From them, I learned one very important skill: Continue reading

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Quick Conjurations! Steamed Green Beans

Another trick here to get a spare veggie in a hurry! While green beans are crazy cheap for much of the year, many people don’t know if they like them. If you’re only thinking of them in terms of a sad little pile of textureless green tubes from a can, you’re in for a surprise! Continue reading

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So, the time of year has come when mage’s robes are the most cumbersome, and days go by where I can’t seem to cool off, no matter how many walls of ice I cast. Running the oven would only make things worse, and a hot, heavy meal is the last thing I want! Continue reading

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