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No-Noodle Lasagna

I have to confess a couple of things that I haven’t quite figured out how to replace since becoming a mage. First, I haven’t found a spell more situationally effective than a well-timed threat. But that’s probably true for most … Continue reading

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Roasted Sweet Potato Rito Bowls

It’s a little-known fact that there are licences and regulations for magic, all over the world. And not all of them operate as smoothly as the Ministry of Magic! Out here in the mountains, the Magic Bureau is so small … Continue reading

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Super Sauce Bowl

Most people who go to the mage’s college don’t have a moment to spare from research, much less the time and mental energy required to regularly meal plan before shopping. While I am pretty good at planning meals, sometimes things … Continue reading

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Un-chiladas! I’ve talked before about substitution, re-invention, and conjuration, and we’ve picked up a bit of alchemy along the way. Today’s recipe, though, is a different breed of magic. We’re working with fusion. I love black beans and salsa. Any … Continue reading


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Lentil Curry FIRE Soup

There’s more than one way to accomplish most goals- You can get past a sentry by casting a spell to put him to sleep, freeze him in a block of ice, take a potion to make yourself invisible, or even … Continue reading

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