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Squash/Pumpkin Seeds

Last year, in addition to the usual butternut and acorn squashes that decorated our fall menu, I developed an obsession with a smaller squash with magical properties! It’s called Delicata- small, easy to clean, (comparatively) easy to cut, and completely … Continue reading

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Cheezy Quinoa and Veg

The annals of the Librarium Arcanum are full of stories about a strange form of magic called a roux. Prior to specialization in plant magic, I had tried to make such a thing several times with various animal drippings, and … Continue reading

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Quick Conjurations! Steamed Green Beans

Another trick here to get a spare veggie in a hurry! While green beans are crazy cheap for much of the year, many people don’t know if they like them. If you’re only thinking of them in terms of a … Continue reading

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Sweet and Spicy Carrots and Chickpeas

I’m particularly proud of a bit of magic I was able to do this past week. Over the weekend I had gone on a broomstick tour, which was definitely fun, but put me behind on household errands and chores. I … Continue reading

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Super Sauce Bowl

Most people who go to the mage’s college don’t have a moment to spare from research, much less the time and mental energy required to regularly meal plan before shopping. While I am pretty good at planning meals, sometimes things … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter! Fried Rice

So in a previous post I told a story about how I hated fried rice, but how one magical ingredient changed all that, and now fried rice and I can set aside our differences and live in harmony. Well, there … Continue reading

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Veggie Kung Pao

Veggie kung pao is as easy as a handful of ingredients. Add vegan rangoons for a whole, delicious meal! Continue reading

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