Savory Oats

Laziness is the mother of invention- that’s what my old spellcrafting instructor used to say. I’m a fairly adept conjurer of dinners, and my breakfast spellcraft is the envy of most of the guild. Making many things in between, though, has always been an elusive target. Sandwhiches mean keeping bread around, and, after a somewhat tragic incident involving an accidental mold golem and a sentient head of lettuce, I decided they were not the answer to my lunch problem. Continue reading

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Baked Rangoons

On my quest for better health, one of the bits of advice that I kept seeing over and over again was to try and make everything at home, even junk food. Even though it’s still bad for you, it’s easier to feel good about satisfying a craving when you know exactly what you’re getting! After some extra training in summoning, I have found my homemade alternatives actually work quite well for some cravings! One of my favorite homemade doppelgangers is a rangoon recipe I made to replace an old favorite: crab rangoon. The challenges of making it both tasty and less unhealthy were not insignificant! Continue reading

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Lentil Curry FIRE Soup

There’s more than one way to accomplish most goals- You can get past a sentry by casting a spell to put him to sleep, freeze him in a block of ice, take a potion to make yourself invisible, or even just teleport him to a distant land… Any of these will get the job done, it just depends on where your strengths lie and the details of the situation. Continue reading

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Invisibility/ Obfuscation (Sloppy Joe Lentils)

People generally think of plant magic as subtractive. You take meat out of things, and then make due. Like most common conceptions, this one doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny. The first rule of plant magic I learned was “add more vegetables”, which, in many cases, is easier than it sounds. I took to it with gusto. I mashed carrots into mashed potatoes. I added zucchini to nearly every meal. I used frozen peas for ice packs, for supplementing boxed dinners, and even as a side dish by themselves.. Continue reading

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Veggie Kung Pao

One of the first tips that I got when I started studying plant magic was to get a few staples down pat. I mean, I could always summon a fireball, or conjure a knife, but putting dinner together? That requires some special trick!

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