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Super Sauce Bowl

Most people who go to the mage’s college don’t have a moment to spare from research, much less the time and mental energy required to regularly meal plan before shopping. While I am pretty good at planning meals, sometimes things … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter! Fried Rice

So in a previous post I told a story about how I hated fried rice, but how one magical ingredient changed all that, and now fried rice and I can set aside our differences and live in harmony. Well, there … Continue reading

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Baked Fried Rice

This statement may be controversial, but I hate fried rice. I’m sure in part it’s because my stomach is sensitive to grease and onions, but fried rice also has an unappealing, burnt greasy taste, even when done “well”. When I … Continue reading

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Invisibility/ Obfuscation (Sloppy Joe Lentils)

People generally think of plant magic as subtractive. You take meat out of things, and then make due. Like most common conceptions, this one doesn’t hold up under close scrutiny. The first rule of plant magic I learned was “add more vegetables”, which, in many cases, is easier than it sounds. I took to it with gusto… Continue reading

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Veggie Kung Pao

Veggie kung pao is as easy as a handful of ingredients. Add vegan rangoons for a whole, delicious meal! Continue reading

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